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Who we are

A large part of understanding someone is learning about where they came from and how that impacts who they are now. We want to share the perspectives of AndHumanity’s team members, and when you are ready, we hope you share your lenses with us as well.

Amil Reddy (They/them)

Allyship Builder

Amil's Lens:

Trans person of colour.
Child of immigrant, Grandchild of indentured labourers, Settler
Parent, Partner, Friend, Bridge builder, Lifelong learner
Coffee over tea (except mom’s chai), bread making over winning, trails over streets.

Ian Lee (He/him)

Digital Decoder

Ian's Lens:

4th Generation Canadian Born Chinese. Youngest Child from the Suburbs.
Gamer, Developer, Reader, Investor, and Appreciator of Simple Pleasures.
Helpful, Reserved, and Thoughtful.
Live and Let Live.

Mark Lee (He/him)

Content Creator

Mark's Lens:

4th Generation Canadian born Chinese. 1/8 Irish.
Married to a beautiful and amazing woman. I love my son. I love my fur baby.
I love creating experiences for others, I’m cheap as hell, I can’t stop recycling.
I support feminism, I’m an aspiring ally, nothing is ever “done”, I goof off every chance I get, I cry watching kids movies.

Matthew Tsang (He/him)

Partnership Cultivator, Co-Founder

Matthew's Lens:

2nd Generation Canadian Born Chinese. Expert in Chinglish.
Child of a Single Mother, and Grandchild of a rich man that lost it all to greed.
Dog Dad, Human Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, and Friend.
Born Reader and Writer. Fiction over non-fiction.
Learned Entrepreneur and Strategist. People over profits.
Lover of films, hockey, and night time.

Namita Warier (She/her)

Client Nurturer

Namita's Lens:

Keralite born in Mumbai, making Canada home. Only child of five.
Independent, Calm.
Once a friend, always a friend.
Chasing ambitions without stress.
Nurturer of internal and client relations.
Ambivert, vegetarian foodie, hungry for experiences.

Rajiv Kondal (He/him)

Digital Mentor

Rajiv's Lens:

Thinker, Learner, and Doer.
Strategize digital outreach programs for 23 different countries. Passionate for Data, Performance, and Efficiency, but not at the cost of human empathy. Continuously evolving on all fronts, and on the quest for ultimate truth beyond this life & form.
Biggest Achievement is yet to come as success is a journey, not a destination.

Favourite Quote: “In God we trust; all others must bring data.”

Tammy Tsang (SHe/her)

Brand Value Strategist, Co-Founder

Tammy's Lens:

Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend & Confidant first. Father’s daughter, even in heaven. Canadian Born Chinese Settler. Entrepreneurial Genealogy. Founder, Leader & Strategist. My Real Job: Advocating for the other. Love positive psych, film, exploring cultures, fashion, and eating.

Why a Lens?

A personal lens is defined by your lived experience and is the perspective you see the world through. The process of creating your personal lens disrupts the traditional Bio by centring diversity of perspective.


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