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We define Inclusive Marketing as elevating underrepresented voices and diverse role models by channelling authentic brands and creating thoughtful content that deepens customer loyalty and influences positive social change. The way in which we work with each of our clients varies from brand to brand, but below is a general step-by-step of our process:

    1. We assess and audit a brand’s communications, service(s), product(s), and team in relation to various dimensions of difference, which reveals inclusion gaps and opportunities including where underrepresented voices can be elevated
    2. We identify where the brand sits on the Brand Inclusion Framework when it comes to communications, service(s), product(s), and the team, all in relation to each dimension of difference
    3. We prioritize which underrepresented voices to elevate, and determine whether the strategy is to go deep within a community, or to go wide
    4. We create authentic and mutually beneficial allyships with various underrepresented equity-seeking groups so we can facilitate genuine partnerships between these groups and the brands we work with
    5. We determine where on the Brand Inclusion Framework is ideal for the brand to communicate, thus ensuring the communications are not seen as performative
    6. In tandem with our allies from underrepresented communities, we design authentic, relevant, and timely content that lands in the intersection between the needs and pains of these groups and the brand’s values and offerings
As every brand is different, all our work is customized to the needs of each organization; we can come in as strategic partners, tactical partners, collaborators, consultants, and more. Contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to start a conversation.


How inclusive is your brand?

Adapted from Dr. Bennett’s Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, our self-assessment tool can help you learn how inclusive your brand is, as well as next steps and tips to improve.

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